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Ten Things You Should Know Before Getting A Turtle

September 26 2020

Turtles are a great pet to have, but there are a few things you should know before getting a turtle.

The turtle can range from 5 to 40 dollars, but the tank is more expensive. The tank can cost from 500 to 3,000 dollars.

You are going to need a good filter. The filters that are made for turtles do not work. I used to have one that did not do anything. It made the water brown, and my turtle has a damaged shell from it. I did not know that the filter was not working until I found out about canister filters. The filter I have is a Fluval canister filter. They are not cheap, and the bigger the tank you have the more the filter will cost.

Make sure that your water is at a good temperature. If it is not your turtle can get sick. My tank used to be in a different spot than it is now. The old spot was much warmer. After I moved my tank, my turtle got pneumonia. Then I realized that my tank was at 68 degrees when it should be at 77. Always have your tank at the right temperature. My turtle had to get shots when she was sick, and the vet bill was very expensive.

Turtles can live for a long time. You might have your turtle for your entire life. Be prepared to give them water changes every week.

Get your red eared slider from the right place. Some big-box pet stores do not take good care of their turtles. Get your turtle from a breeder, a reptile show, or a pet store that gets their turtles from a breeder.

Get the right tank setup. Your turtle can become sick or even die if you do not have the right tank. Read my article “the best turtle tank” for more information about the tank setup.

Take your turtle once a year to a vet. Your turtle could be sick and you don’t even know it. Find a reptile vet or an exotic animal vet to take your turtle to.

Change your turtle’s water once a week. You want your turtle tank to always be clean. Your turtle can get shell rot if the tank is dirty.

Turtles will eat almost anything. Don’t drop anything in the tank because your turtle will probably try to eat it. Sometimes, your turtle might even eat its poop. Never put your fingers near your turtle's mouth because it will try to bite your finger.

Don’t be alarmed if you see your turtle shedding its shell. This is normal. They shed their skin and shell about once a year.