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Picking out the Right Turtle


Photo by Jorge Aguilar on Unsplash

You’ve set up the tank, done a ton of research, but which one should you choose? This article will explain where to get a red eared slider and picking one that is healthy. You will need to find a reliable place to get the turtle, check the turtle for common diseases, and transport it to your house safely.

Where to Get Your Red Eared Slider

Stay away from big box pet stores like Petsmart, Petco, Pet Supplies Plus, etc. They often don’t treat their turtles well and put too many turtles in one tank. I once saw 4 red eared sliders in a ten gallon tank at a big box pet store. The turtles barely had any room to swim and a very small basking area. Find a reptile store or pet store that has turtles and knows how to take care of them properly. You can also get your turtle at a reptile show. Reptile shows are where reptile breeders from all over the world sell their reptiles. Turtles from reptile shows are usually healthy. There are some websites that sell turtles. Buying a turtle online is not a good idea because turtles get very stressed out when they are transported. If you get a stressed turtle, it will most likely get sick. Buying a turtle from the right place is very important.

Choosing the Right One

Now time for the hard part. Choosing the right one. First look at one turtle and go through this checklist:

If even one of the things listed is not true, you should not get that turtle. All of the things listed are signs of common aquatic turtle diseases. You might have to go to multiple places to find the right one, but it is worth it.

Bringing Your Turtle Home

You’ve finally picked out your turtle. Now how are you going to get it home? There are a few ways to get your turtle home. The best way is to get a large temporary fish holding tank. They have lids, so your turtle can’t get out in the car. The place that you get the turtle at might have them, but you should buy one before in case they don’t have them. Buy the biggest one you can find so your turtle has enough room. You should save the container because you will need it for taking the turtle to the vet. If it is cold out when you get the turtle, put the turtle in the passenger seat with the heat on so the turtle won’t get pneumonia. Hold the turtle still so it does not get scared. You can even put a blanket or towel over the container if the turtle is getting overwhelmed.

Getting a red eared slider from the right place and making sure it is healthy is very important. Don’t get a turtle from a big box pet store because they often do not care for their turtles properly. Check the turtle that you want for symptoms of common turtle diseases. Get a large temporary fish holding tank to bring your turtle home in. Choosing the right turtle is extremely important.